What’s The Science Behind Optical Illusions?

Have you ever seen the optical illusion that suddenly brings a black and white image into full color using just the power of your eyes? Its a thing called after-imaging and you can see it in the video below, all beautifully explained by the guys from Asap SCIENCE.

It’s all to do with the three color-sensing cone cells in the retina of the eye, each of which is sensitive to different wavelengths of light: blue, green, and red. However, these cells can pick up 2.3 million different combinations of them a little bit like printer inks. But just like printers, when colors start to run out, there can be some adverse effects.

Theres a huge amount of science behind our relationship with color and vision, bringing in everything from physics, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology and optical illusions are a great way to demonstrate it. Check out the video to hear all about it.

Source: http://www.iflscience.com/